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California Gray whales travel along shallow coastal waters of the eastern North Pacific.

In late winter or early spring gray whales begin to arrive along Pacfic Northwest coastal waters from winter migrations.

Overall, however, they live off the energy stored in their blubber layer.

Gray whales are appreciated for their friendly approaches to people in small boats in their mating and calving grounds, where they are often seen spy-hopping, lobtailing and breaching.

30 tons, reaching sexual maturity at five to eleven years of age.

More on Gray Whales: Websites: Cascadia Research - Gray Whale Hotline #: 1-800-747-7329 This is a wonderful, complete everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-Gray-Whales site!

Many biologists believe Gray whales may have been among the first of the great whales to have evolved into their present form.

They are 15' - 16' at birth, live to be 50 years or more, and grow to a length of 40' - 45' and a weight of approx.

If you aren't lucky enough to see any live Gray whales this spring, visit "Rosie" the Gray whale skeleton at the Coupeville Wharf (complete with baleen), or the Gray whale skeletons at the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, the Poulsbo Marine Science Center, or the Port Townsend Marine Science Center.

The Gray whale gets its name from its mottled gray skin, which is covered with barnacles and whale lice.

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BC Cetacean Sightings Network - (go to How to ID whales, then Commonly Seen Cetaceans & click on the Gray whale for info.

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